Take a look and see how we deal with some of our more popular industries

Hart has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. Our programming experience and flexibility give us a considerable advantage over the competition in both quality of product and time to production.

Hart has the answers, whether you simply need an access path to bureau and identity data or are interested in developing tailored solutions.

We have listed our most common categories of customers on this page, but we can develop applications for almost anyone. No job is too small or too large.


With capabilities and solutions focused for the credit union relationship with their current and future members, Hart brings great technology in to various layers of a credit union helping them grow and serve more members.

Hart is a supporter of the cooperative movement in the credit union industry and focuses on helping credit unions gain operational efficiencies across all areas of the credit union at a reasonable cost.


Hart works directly with some of the largest student lending companies giving them full access to all three credit bureaus. With fully customizable instant credit access and decisioning, Hart can provide live results to all student lending applications.

We are proficient in working with student lenders and understand the challenges facing organizations today. Private, Federal, and consolidation loans can be managed successfully with Hart's decisioning. All decisioning programs include the following features:

  • Ability to process high volumes rapidly
  • Free storage of all credit information and decisions for 30 days
  • Ability to modify underwriting criteria quickly


Hart works directly with some of the largest banking institutions, giving them full access to all three credit bureaus. With fully customizable instant credit checks and decisioning, Hart can provide live results to all lending applications. You can choose from an unlimited amount of credit report and identity criteria, and Hart will analyze the data giving you an instant decision based on your custom criteria.


With real-time identity and credit report processing and decisioning, Hart can provide instant decisioning for on the spot delivery. Hart's decisioning can show all reasons behind the decision to empower auto lenders with the insights on how to get a deal completed. Helping the auto industry with other compliance tools has always been a value added tool at Hart.


Utility companies often have legacy software that is not compatible with accessing industry leading data assets. Hart can connect a utility company to credit bureau and identity solutions, while providing intelligent identity processing and credit decisioning. Hart supports the industry in providing tools for communication with consumers to provide feedback in a timely fashion.


Cellular companies have the opportunity to review identity and credit information in the review of consumers opening and maintaining their service relationship. Hart has met these industry needs by providing many different layers of credit and identity processing. The credit and identity decision can be made available to the sales agent or store front as a simple yes or no decision with options for full file information to be available to management or credit department personnel. With nimble technology options, the tele-communications industry can leverage industry leading data with ease from Hart Credit Technology.


With the heavy growth of the health care industry comes the need to verify identities and potentially identify charity care. Leveraging Hart’s connectors to multiple valuable data connectors, the healthcare industry can improve the patient experience and potentially better secure payments for services.

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