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Hart has over 30 years of experience in a wide variety of industries. Our programming experience and flexibility give us a considerable advantage over the competition in both quality of product and production time.

Hart has the answers, whether you simply need an access path to bureau data or are interested in developing tailored solutions.

We have listed our most common categories of customers on this page, but we can develop applications for almost anyone. No job is too small or too large.


Hart works directly with some of the largest student lending companies giving them full access to all three credit bureaus. With fully customizable instant credit access and decisioning, Hart can provide live results to all student lending applications.

We are proficient in working with student lenders and understand the challenges facing organizations today. Private, Federal, and consolidation loans can be managed successfully with Hart's decisioning. All decisioning programs include the following features:

  • Ability to process high volumes very quickly
  • Free Storage of all credit information and decisions for 30 days
  • Ability to modify underwriting criteria quickly


Hart works directly with some of the largest financial institutions, giving them full access to all three credit bureaus. With fully customizable instant credit checking and decisioning, Hart can provide live results to all lending applications. You can choose from an unlimited amount of credit report criteria, and Hart will analyze the credit report data giving you an instant decision based on your custom criteria.


We routinely work with credit unions to provide solutions addressing issues, including:

  • Red Flag Compliance
  • New member acquisition
  • Account management
  • Increasing wallet share of existing members
  • Automating loan decisioning

Using credit bureau data and your rules, we can design a program to fit your business needs and accommodate any budget.


With real-time credit report processing and decisioning, Hart can show whether a customer is approved or denied on the spot. Above and beyond just showing denials and approvals, Hart's decisioning can show all reasons behind the decision. We can also produce various types of compliance letters.


Utility companies often have legacy software that is not compatible with credit bureaus. Hart can not only connect a utility company and credit bureau, we can do all the credit processing and decisioning. Offering free tools like our Screen Scrape integration program, we can make it very easy to do instant credit checks and approvals on the spot.


Cellular companies have very unique circumstances regarding credit information and decisioning. Hart has met their needs by providing many different layers of credit processing. The credit decision can be made available to the booth clerk as a simple yes or no decision. All credit information and reasons for the decision can be made only accessible to the store manager. Above even the store manager, the company headquarters can store all the credit information, being the only layer with complete and full access to credit reports. By layering the amount of information available, all information is much more secure.


With the heavy growth of the health care industry comes the need to verify identities. Hart can provide custom solutions to integrate existing platforms to credit bureau fraud databases.

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