TransUnion sees information not just for what it can do, but for what it can help people achieve and we are excited Hart's technology can help customers realize this mission. Together we have joined forces to help businesses better understand their consumers, make informed decisions and, ultimately, make trust possible.

TransUnion's world-class data and analytics solutions are available through the Hart Credit Technology platform. Clients can realize the full potential of TransUnion’s world-class data and analytics as well as expedite roadmap delivery and key functionality that solves their needs.

Integrated TransUnion Solutions

TruVision™ Credit Report

TruVision Credit Report offers current, comprehensive information when evaluating the credit capacity and financial behavior of a consumer to make informed business decisions. Our database maintains approximately 500 million business and client credit histories worldwide*, provided by more than 85,000 credit-granting institutions.

*Source: 2021 TransUnion analysis

Visit TruVision for Acquiring Right-Fit Customers to learn more.

TruVision™ Trended Credit Risk Models

TruVision Trended data is a suite of solutions that enables more precise lending decisions based on the enhanced ability to identify specific credit trends. Enriched data and analytics provide a more comprehensive view of consumer performance, so decisions can be improved across the account lifecycle.

TruVision Trended data provides broader and deeper data on consumers with 30 months of historical data allowing institutions to see patterns and behaviors invisible in point-in-time views. Using models that incorporate this 30 months of account history help increase approvals and bookings while reducing losses.

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TruVision™ Blended Credit Risk Models

TruVision™ Blended Credit Risk Models were the first risk scores in market to combine both directional trended credit data and alternative data sources. These scores provide the precision and predictive intelligence needed to create a clearer picture of how consumers manage their credit. That clarity yields a more precise score, giving you greater control and confidence to grow.

Visit TruVision Blended Credit Risk Models product overview to learn more.

TruValidate™ Identity Verification

TruValidate Identity Verification confirms the authenticity of consumer-provided information against rich datasets, including credit card data, public data, device data and alternative data across multiple global markets in real time.

Make informed decisions with full context risk scoring, including contributing factors, alerts and match results. Leverage consumer behavior, synthetic fraud, utilization and velocity data to transact with confidence.

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TruValidate™ Fraud Alerts

TruValidate™ Fraud Alerts As part of TransUnion’s Identity Insights suite of solutions, TruValidate™ Fraud Alerts leverages diverse and robust data to flag identity anomalies and delivers a risk score — helping you determine who to trust — as well as preemptive follow-up strategies for preventing future fraud.

Get real-time flags of high-risk, suspect data. Fraud Alerts identify and notify you on such attributes as related to SSN, address, telephone, consumer fraud, possible synthetic identity alerts and many other suspect elements.

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TruLookup™ Skip Tracing Tools

TruLookup Skip Tracing locates hard-to-find subjects with investigation solutions that help reduce expenses and ensure compliance. Run faster investigations with searches and reports that filter through billions of records in seconds.

Discover critical information by quickly and efficiently find likely subject locations, phones, assets, liens and bankruptcies. Optimize data and search results by inputting partial or full information to enhance your skip tracing efforts and prioritization. Improve right-party contact rates with phone, address, email and place of employment.

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TruAudience™ Prescreen

TruAudience Prescreen presents relevant offers across channels to credit-eligible consumers more likely to respond. Delivered instantly at the point-of-sale either online or in-person, marketers/lenders have the opportunity to provide relevant pre-approved offers at check-out when consumer intent is high. Experience has shown that the delivery of real-time firm offers can result in an offer acceptance rate that is 7 to 10 times higher than traditional direct mail channels.


TransUnion is a global information and insights company that makes trust possible in the modern economy. We do this by providing a comprehensive picture of each person so they can be reliably and safely represented in the marketplace. As a result, businesses and consumers can transact with confidence and achieve great things. We call this Information for Good®.

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