The Work Number

Connector Spotlight

The Work Number® database from Equifax offers credentialed verifiers with permissible purpose access to the industry-leading commercial source of consolidated income and employment information with 604 million employment records provided by 2.6 million employers, big and small.

Knowing an applicant has a job and consistent income can provide lenders with increased confidence when assessing that person’s ability to pay. Instant verifications can also provide insight into critical debt-to-income determinations, which, when combined with industry credit scores, can have a legitimate role to play in evaluating risk. Automated technologies, such as digital income and employment verification data sourced directly from employers and payroll providers, can bring certainty to the lending process. The speed of delivery and the quality of The Work Number information can play a vital role in lenders’ ability to make quick and consistent lending decisions.

Visit The Work Number® database to learn more.

Thoughts from the Hart team

Our continuing effort to bring forward tools to help our customers get automated and intelligent data is highlighted in our partnership with Equifax. The Work Number leads the industry in verifying income and employment solutions. Automating this process empowers lenders to understand a consumer’s capacity to pay and can complement any workflow in the pursuit of making more efficient and complete decisions. We are excited to make this available via Hart Credit Technology and can incorporate this into processes you already have in place.

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