What is Powerlytics True Income?

Powerlytics True Income is a zero-friction Income Verification and Estimation solution with coverage of over 150M US households. Banks, credit unions and lenders use True Income’s highly accurate income estimates and scores to improve the following outcomes:

  • Top-of-funnel – leverage Powerlytics True Income estimates for prospect targeting, pre-screen and pre-qualification to attract better customers and improve marketing ROI
  • Bottom-of-funnel – use Powerlytics True Income estimates and scores to streamline loan decisioning and get to a “yes” decision with lower cost and less applicant friction
  • Portfolio review – append Powerlytics True Income estimates to your existing portfolio to better understand potential risks and opportunities

Powerlytics True Income delivers a number of unique benefits:

  • Zero-friction – Unlike many other income solutions, True Income is zero-friction and does not require you to request any additional information from loan applicants; all you need is the applicant’s 9-digit zip code and Powerlytics can provide a highly accurate estimate of the applicant’s income and/or a confidence score against their stated income.
  • 100% coverage – Can be sole solution or waterfall/fill in gaps from other solutions
  • Comprehensive - Covers all sources of income (not just W2 like many other income solutions)
  • Accurate - True Income is underpinned by highly accurate Source of Truth data.

A Note from Linda Vance, Hart CEO & President

"So many of our customers have been looking to incorporate income solutions in to their decisioning workflow and with the changing economy, we believe the demand will only increase! Hart is very excited to share our recent connector in Powerlytics. Customers can sign up with Powerlytics directly and Hart has the technology to pull this data in for our customer’s workflow to empower greater decisions and more opportunities for customers to 'say yes' to consumers."

To learn more about Powerlytics True Income, visit their website

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